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Landlord/Tenant: Practices


Residential & Commercial

Leasing is common in todays market now more than ever. The firm is no stranger to how tedious leases can be. Whether one is a tenant or a landlord, knowing your rights, obligations, and responsibilities become important in protecting both your own legal rights and your abode or place of business.


Landlord and tenant issues include, but are not limited to:



The firm DOES NOT handle issues pertaining to:

(i) Repair disputes on behalf of the tenant in any capacity;

(ii) issues involving accounting and/or administrative matters pertaining to apartment complexes or management companies on behalf of the tenant; and

(iii) towing or security disputes on behalf of a tenant.


Matters concerning mold or hazardous conditions are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Booking a consultation with the firm over an area that is not covered hereinabove may result in your appointment being cancelled or the firm reaching out to notify you of the conflict that exists.

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