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Motamedi Law provides a meticulous, skilled, out-of-box approach to commercial litigation. The firm has dealt with a wide array of disputes involving various businesses functions and transactions as well as taking disposed cases on appeal. The firm's diligent research, motion practice, and trial preparation ensures that the firm presents the best possible case in the most effective manner at the time of trial. Litigation is ordinarily a time consuming process and most businesses simply do not have the time to operate their business and focus on the lawsuit at hand; that is where the firm comes in to ensure that the process is streamlined and that your business is represented by a firm who will protect your interests.

The firm's practice in commercial litigation encompasses representation on behalf of businesses and professionals in all commercial transactions and complex business disputes which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business-to-Business litigation

  • Noncompete/Nondisclosure agreements

  • Employment disputes

  • Contract law and breach of contract

  • Damage to personal inventory and equipment

  • Commercial evictions

  • Damage to commercial property

  • Purchase/Sale disputes

  • Business torts

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