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In no capacity does Motamedi Law, PLLC, or any of its affiliates, hold itself out to be, or have held itself out to be your legal counsel.

Consultations serve only as informative meetings to better assess whether an attorney-client relationship should be formed or not. Any prior advice, whether over the phone or during a consultation, should not be construed as legal advice in any context whatsoever.

Motamedi Law, PLLC expressly disclaims any liability for loss in any form, including but not limited to: economic (liquidated or unliquidated), injury, death, court judgments, liens, or any liability you may incur from relying on these purely informative consultations. Consultations DO NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE BUT ARE PURELY INFORMATIVE. NO ACTIONS SHOULD BE TAKEN IN RELIANCE OF THESE MEETINGS UNLESS AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IS FORMED.

Any communications prior to signing an attorney-client relationship are not meant to be relied on as legal advice and no attorney-client privilege exists until the time the firm takes you on as a client. Confidentiality is still applicable during all consultation appointments within the limited capacity of that consultation alone.

By booking an appointment online you are representing that you have read, in its full entirety, the policy provided on this web page herein and that you completely understand and adhere to said disclaimer and privacy policies located on this website. You are making a representation that you are knowingly and voluntarily booking an appointment and consenting to these terms and conditions listed in the disclaimer and privacy policy.

By clicking on "BOOK NOW" you expressly agree to all terms and conditions aforementioned above.

Booking & Appointment Policy: Text

Appointment Policy & Conflicts:

Motamedi Law, PLLC, reserves the right to accept or deny appointments for anyone who does not adhere to the booking policies, in its entirety, or the disclaimer and privacy policies.

Motamedi Law, PLLC understands that your time is valuable. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the legal profession, conflicts in schedule may arise from time to time due to court hearings or other prearranged matters that may conflict with your appointment.

Should a conflict arise in your appointment, rest assure that the firm will quickly and effectively remedy the situation by reaching out to you and finding a time that fits your busy schedule. Thank you for your cooperation.

All payments are made either in person or via online invoice sent directly by the Firm to your email.


The following policies and procedures apply to all prospective clients who have not yet been approved and accepted by the firm as official clients:

  • The firm DOES NOT provide legal advice via email, text message, or through any written electronic means; all advice must be provided through a scheduled telephonic consultation (or in-person if pre-approved);

  • The firm WILL NOT accept any documents, attachments, or files that are attempted to be sent by the prospective client and the firm will not be liable for such documentation being sent without authorization or consent;

  • The firm CANNOT AND WILL NOT provide advice to prospective clients who do not abide by the consultation policy, booking policy, appointment conflict policy or who are not pre-approved by screening prior to the consultation (for in-person appointments).

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