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How much will this cost me?

Potential clients have frequently voiced their concerns about the costs of hiring a law firm to help them with their legal problems. Many times people are unsure as to just how much legal services may end up costing. The truth of the matter is, some things are easy and cost-effective to resolve, others are more tedious and financially draining.

There truly is no clear answer, but my firm strives to ensure that: (1) you know how much everything will cost up front; (2) what the most financially, and legally, effective solution is to achieve your desired result(s); and (3) whether legal actions are the correct course of action at all. Regardless of what your legal inquiry may be, rest assure that you will not spend anymore than you need to since my Firm is here to save you time, expense, and to ultimately protect you from liabilities.

I have been sued, what do I do now?

One of the biggest issues that arise when dealing with legal problems is a lack of communication. For one reason or another, misunderstandings arise every day.

Here at Motamedi Law, I strive to ensure that matters do not escalate further than they need to. In order to understand the problem, it is fundamentally important to understand the other side's argument(s) and position as well.

By choosing to hire this firm, you can rest at ease knowing that my firm is working around the clock to discuss matters with opposing counsel, to evaluate the merits of your defense or counter-claims, and to understand the financials of what you may be getting involved in based on the pending litigations against you.

Your case or legal problem will only be as successful as the participation you yourself put into the matter. My firm will never leave you in the dark, in fact, you will feel more involved than ever before. Communication and involvement between Attorney and Client are the keys to a successful litigation and building trust in said relationship, and my firm strives for just that.

If I hire you, what's next?

Here at Motamedi Law, my philosophy, both as an attorney and with how I run my firm, is to always be prepared and to make sure that no detail is ever overlooked. Although every legal problem is unique both in facts and circumstances, and as such each Client will require a specifically tailored course of action to fit their needs, in a general overview you can expect the following when consulting with the Firm:

  1. Initial consultation: gathering the facts, circumstances, and chronological order of events leading up to the Client's legal problem;

  2. Documentation: Providing all documentation and communication, if any, pertaining to the given legal issue;

  3. Research and Analysis: Allowing my firm to review, analyze, and evaluate the given facts, applicable law, and potential solutions;

  4. Follow-Up: Arranging a follow up consultation to discuss the Firm's findings; options available to the Client to resolve their said legal issue; and whether further representation is necessary; and

  5. Conclusion or Representation: If further representation is needed at this point, the Firm will recommend entering into a Long-Term Full Scope Attorney-Client Relationship (in lieu of a Short-Term Limited Scope Representation) to litigate your legal problem effectively. If no further representation is needed, the Firm will conclude its services once the solution is found.

Do I need to go to Court?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to such a question. While majority of cases that are litigated in court end up being settled or resolved before trial, whether you have to be present in court with the Attorney is a question that is both fact specific and case specific.

I understand how going to Court may cause anxiety and worries may cloud the mind but rest at ease knowing that you will never step foot in court without being fully informed and prepared before hand. My Firm is here to help you understand the legal process and to take and resolve any anxieties or negative associations you may harbor with court rooms in order to allow for an easier and more confident experience when you enter court.

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