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Accepting In-Person Appointments

This Firm is pleased to announce that in-person visits are now available. While this Firm does not require the need for masks, you are free to wear one at your discretion. Please read our booking policies below.

Telephone/Video consultations are still being conducted and are available for those who prefer to operate remotely.

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Firm's Online Booking Policies

Please Note:

By clicking on "BOOK NOW" you are agreeing unequivocally to the Firm's "Consultation Policy," "Disclaimer/Privacy Policy," "Booking Policy," and "Appointment Policy & Conflicts". If you have not read these policies yet, click on the links below to read the policies mentioned herein BEFORE booking your appointment


Once you have had the opportunity to read the Firm's policies continue below to book an appointment.

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  • Free 15 Minute Telephonic Consultation.

    15 min
  • An in-depth consultation to help prospective Clients strategize.

    30 min
    175 US dollars
  • Involves Drafting Legal Documents and Researching Legal Questions.

    1 hr
    Prices may vary

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