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Lease Drafting & Research

Are you a landlord for a commercial or residential place? Are you a simple homeowner who wants extra income?

Regardless of your vocation or expertise, drafting a lease should not be a trying experience. Worries of liability, enforceability, and validity can plague your thoughts if you are unfamiliar with drafting lease documents, even if the form is already pre-made. Quell those doubts by allowing my firm to draft a lease catered to your needs but still within legal enforceability so you can rest at ease knowing that you are in good hands.

Unsure of what your lease says? New to the leasing market? Are you looking for answers?

No matter how complex or perplexing the question may be, I pride myself on being diligent and coming up with creative and innovative solutions to any problems or questions you may have. I believe there is always a solution to a problem, no matter the obstacle.

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