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Are you a tenant? Are you getting evicted?

Consulting with an attorney can be to your advantage. Whether the eviction is justified or brought unfairly, knowing what your rights are, the correct steps to remedying the situation can allow both preventing an eviction judgment from being granted against you (potentially affecting your ability to lease) as well as not having to gather all your belongings in fear of being kicked out. Allow the firm to fight for your rights to continue occupying your premises or to find an amicable resolution to your eviction situation.

Are you a landlord? Is your tenant in breach of the lease in one way or another?

Allow Motamedi Law to handle your tenants on your behalf. If there is a breach of lease,  I strive to make the process of remedying said breach in an expeditious and effective manner. Want to evict a tenant? Allow the firm to make the process of eviction easier as I walk you through the steps from giving an initial notice of breach, all the way to enforcing a writ of possession. The firm is here to make the process easier while protecting you every step of the way.

Be it commercial or residential, Motamedi Law is here to help.

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