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Motamedi Law, PLLC was founded by Kent Motamedi, Attorney at Law.


Kent is no stranger to hardship and challenge. A scholar at heart, Kent graduated Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas) Cum Laude with honors in 2015 with a B.A. in Political Science and minoring in psychology. He went on to study law at the University of Houston Law Center (Houston, Texas), primarily focusing his studies on marital, probate, and property law and taking a semester to educate himself on international law involving the EU through an LLM study abroad program in Lisbon, Portugal. Kent graduated with his Juris Doctorate in May of 2018.

Throughout his educational pursuits, Kent is a firm believer that success involves both training and discipline of the mind and body. Throughout his educational life, Kent has been an avid rugby and tennis player, also trying his hands at rowing during his years at A&M.

After acquiring his Juris Doctorate and working for several small firms in the Houston area, Kent has understood the ins and outs of how a firm should, and more importantly, shouldn't be run. The philosophy that he has carried with him to his own firm stems from his family upbringing and his family name.

Coming from descendants of bankers and business entrepreneurs, Motamedi was a title given to families in old Iran, known once as Persia, for those who were trustworthy. Individuals who showed character of honesty to the highest degree would be bestowed with such a name by the King of Iran back when it was a monarchy. Hence, why Motamedi Law's motto is "Those Whom You Trust." With a rich background in Latin, Kent has adopted and incorporated the meaning of Motamedi to formulate the Firm's latin motto "Nomen Nostrum Fidelitas Est".

Actions always speak louder than words and knowing the weight of what that name carries, the firm was created based on those principles. To always be fair, to always be honest, and to always treat people with equal care and concern.

Here at Motamedi Law,  the profession is not merely a business, it is a calling, a livelihood, and Kent intends on respecting and honoring the profession by upholding the law, honor, and privilege of being able to help those in need.

Welcome to Motamedi Law, PLLC, an attorney who advocates for you through and through.


License: ​

  • State Bar of Texas - Counselor & Attorney At Law. 

    • License date: October, 2019


Courts of Admittance (Federal):

  • Southern District of Texas

  • Northern District of Texas

  • Western District of Texas

  • Eastern District of Texas

  • Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals



  • Texas Bar College Member since April, 2020 - Honorary Society for Attorneys

  • Panel Speaker for CLE Webinar: “Rent deferral agreement for defaulted commercial leases: pre-negotiation, risk of insolvency, landlord due diligence” hosted by Strafford.



  • University of Houston Law Center

    • Juris Doctorate (J.D.)

  • Texas A&M University - Cum Laude

    • B.A. Political Science, 

      • Minor in Psychology

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