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Contract Litigation

One of the most taxing financial decisions one can make is to enter into litigation. I understand that it is a daunting task both emotionally and financially.

My firm strives to ensure that you:

(1) Are informed of the pros and cons before entering into litigation;

(2) That you are aware of the costs that are to be expected from litigation;

(3) The amount of time it will take for litigation to run its course; and

(4) Whether there are any alternatives or better remedies in lieu of litigation.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees, that is the nature of battling a lawsuit; no sure-fire method or determined path to success. Litigation is a gamble and I believe that by understanding the facts, risks, and liabilities involved when pursuing a lawsuit will better allow you to decide whether litigation is the most financially and legally sound solution to your problems.

At the end of the day if litigation is the path to choose, know that my firm is your advocate through and through and I will fight to the fullest extend of the law to prevail and to obtain success in your pursuit for what you feel you are owed.

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